Swag Bag Fun

Another month of happy overload in a small Swag Bag from Paper Issues. This month I played on the circles in the bag and had a little fun with color and stitching and well it came out perfect.

I first started with some water color paper and some cheap water colors and a make up sponge. If you want to do some mixed media you really don’t have to invest a lot of money to try different techniques. It really is a simple process.


Since I was going with the circle theme I made circles with these water colors on the paper and then used a circle punch on some of the cards in the Swag Bag.


As I was putting this together I decided that my circles were just to dull. So I grabbed my handy sewing machine and just had some fun with stitching them any which way.




I added some thread, a little pink here and yellow in another part. And since I messed up the background trying a punch I did not like on it, I cut it down and backed it on some paper I had in my stash.

It was  a fun page to make and I didn’t need a load of supplies. So have some fun grab a swag bag and use my code to save 20% on your order.




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