Gleam Catchers- You Shine

And welcome to a whole new  Issues Challenge for Paper Issues. I love this challenge and was so excited to get a LO completed. The theme.. Gleam Catchers all those people or things that stand out and shine. I had to show case my oldest daughter who just graduated high school in June and is on her way to college. This girl shines, shes such a good one, and a humble compassionate soul I am just so happy for her and about her. I used a lot of flowers and made it ultra girly with a touch of gold in keeping with the theme.



I had a lot of fun tucking flowers every possible place I could on this page. What helped me out was the folded corner which means I could tuck a few more things in there. I used up my stash with Maggie Holmes Bloom collection. I still have a lot more in my stash to use up I’m sure I’ll get to do so because it is such an easy collection to work with.

So get your LOs done and added for this months drawing and showcase the gleam catcher in your life. And remember if you need to go shopping..use my code 🙂



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