Snuggle- Cut it up

I just love giving my cameo a work out so it is awesome that Paper Issues has a free cut file every month and a challenge to go with it. I’m not very good at designing my own files, beyond titles so bonus this is all less work for me. And FREE..did I say FREE And I absolutely LOVE the bkg files they are my favorite for sure. June’s file is no different.. total favorite and so much fun.



I dug in my stash and used the Wonder collection which I can’t go wrong with. I love the bits of gold and the greens. I didn’t want to fill in every section of this file I wanted it a bit more ‘light’ so filling in some sections and leaving others blank seemed to work for me. I so love this page it came along quickly and a few added touches pulled it all together.

I did add some bits from Color Cast designs which are always a must for me. The little wood word art and the acrylic stars. Perfection!!

And remember if you need to go shopping, hey we all need to shop, don’t forget to use my code at paper issues.





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