Drama Mama

Today I’m playing along with Paper Issues “Save you drama for your Mama” I had such fun with this LO and I do hope that shows. First I had to get a bit messy and the greens in Pink Fresh’s Life Noted collection. Its a fun collection and I wanted to use it and I think I used it well.

I also had to add the Llama from Paper Pops I mean how could I not? The prompt demanded it and hello its a llama!! I used the other “drama” piece as part of my title and it all came together quite easily. And hey while I was adding bits of everything from Paper Issues I had to use the tissue paper the Cassie wraps all the orders in. I have a small stash I won’t lie, slight shopping addiction but why not (see my personal 20% off code below)

So I know you all have issues so get busy and see what drama lands on your page

Drama Mama