Im a Simple Scrapper

I do love being on the Simple Scrapper DT team because it means I’m getting LOs done that maybe I normally wouldn’t have. While I do love working with digital templates it is the journal prompts that sometimes push me in a direction I wouldn’t go. But for this upcoming month I’ve been pushed both ways, with design and theme.

This first one pushed with me with a journaling prompt about the 80s. This is ME in the 80s and I wouldn’t have been pushed to scrap this picture that my childhood friend sent me a couple of years ago. Its me at 15 with my full attitude in display but what 15 yr old doesn’t have attitude. Thinner, bigger hair, but I still dress the same jeans and a t-shirt with some flats is my favorite wear.

For the 80s theme I thought what fun would it be to use many words to display the 80s from shows, to performers to phrases. I didn’t want it to be all one color and slightly get lost in the LO so using two colors seemed to work best for me. I did edit the picture of this LO for public forums the unedited sits in my album 🙂


For this template it was a great way to show off very simply, my youngest sons achievements. Having a young one with Down Syndrome I’ve really taken stock in the big things that come with smaller steps. It may not seem like a huge deal that he wants to make his hot dogs, but it totally is for us. With the template I was able to add the journaling and print it out and than place very simple touches that the template called for. The big title was fun something I don’t normally do.


I’m very pleased with both of this LOs and I’m glad I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and being pushed to create things I normally wouldn’t. If you want a push do check out Simple Scrapper


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