The Month of Hearts

The theme of February is hearts, love, hugs and kisses the month of red. So its fitting that I would start it off with an wonderful heart filled template by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs.



Isnt that lovely?? And Cheryl as awesome as she is makes templates in both a dressed down, a bit more clean, and dressed up, a bit more Cheryls style of scrapping. So if you haven’t checked her out you should.

It is really easy to use digital templates for paper LOs and I keep saying this I know đŸ™‚ I do use Make The Cut program, I find their import and trace to cut feature a whole lot user friendlier than Silhouette Studio. I did have to do some tweaking to this template.

With the main bkg paper with heart cut outs it was a bit of trouble to get the programs to correctly realize what I wanted to cut. Both in Silhouette studio and MTC so it was much easier for me to change some colors in photoshop before I imported (again I use MTC for this but I’ll show it in studio)



My first step was to import the png file for the heart bkg. Cheryl includes pngs in all her template so it is much easier to import, select, and cut in any cut software. But with this file when I imported it didn’t recognize I wanted to just cut the hearts so begins my tweeks. I first selected the layer ctrl-left click layer I then get the dancing ants and I can fill with the paint a solid white color.


Step 2 is to inverse the selection so only my hearts are now selected not the whole 12×12 page which is what caused me issues to cut to begin with.


Step 3 with the selection of the hearts alone I then fill with a solid color, red seems fitting.



Then when I import it is much easier for silhouette to understand what I’m selecting and not have multiple cut lines. That is more frustrating than anything and its much easier to recolor in this way before making a selection. MTC has similar issues as it wants to cut a line around my entire page when I import my selection.


I did the same thing with the heart doily I simply selected and recolored then when I imported it was much easier for MTC to determine what should be cut.


The cut after that was super easy and can I love on my Cameo for making this so very easy. I just poked some holes loose as I binged watch my show while scrapping. And my end result


I love.. like really love. I did make the picture a bit bigger for my LO ( I do those changes in photoshop) and after adding some bits I was so pleased. Double points being able to enter this in a Paper Issues challenge as well as a challenge. I feel totally accomplished and I’m so happy to have this one added to my album.


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