Um Wow

In my decision to play more in my scrapping and have total fun with it I’ve been getting some products that I’ve been interested in. And it was perfect timing that I got an Email from Um Wow Studio about their stock up and save sale (going on through Friday). So this is all the push I needed to grab a few goodies, especially their stencils.




I love their stencils! Pictured is the diamond confetti and circle confetti. I like them because they are easier to work with due to their size they measure 4×6 which I found to be the easiest most times to manipulate. Some of the bigger stencils are a bit cumbersome. I also like the thickness of these masks, these aren’t paper thin which is great when you are working with different mediums and textures such as various pastes but it isn’t an issue if you want to stamp with them either. Some of the ones I’ve picked up over the years have been thinner and it doesn’t give much depth like I want. Honestly I look at some and say “I could have made that with my cameo” not with this product. These are my go to stencils I absolutely love them. So don’t feel bad trying them out there is a sale

I played a bit with some gesso and water colors as well as chipboard from Um Wow as well. When I see things on sale I’m like OHHH I HAVE THAT and want to get to my table. I see you nodding you do it to. And this is what I ended up with.


I love this.. I love the process of it, I love how it came out, I love all the different textures, I love that I used flowers. And side note I don’t use many flowers on LOs outside of any mixed media LOs I don’t know why maybe I find them too bulky sometimes I dunno. But on mixed media LOs it so easy to plop a few in well because bulk doesn’t matter then.



This LO started off with these cat tails I knew I wanted something about nature which dictated the colors and the picture. I didn’t want anything really heavy in colors or texture or bulk.  I used gesso on the cat tails, added some water color, and a little bit of gold glitter and beads I had in my stash. I wanted them to stand out a bit  and the glitter helped that.

I layered in some prima flowers chipboard from Oh Darling Crate Paper line and a flair also from Um Wow. Yes they have flair too 🙂 Those dew drops I picked up on a scrapbook group that someone made I just love how they look. A bit of journaling with a title and I was done.

I do love to get messy I think it is great fun if you have been thinking about it just give it a go challenge yourself you may end up surprised at what you can do.




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