Calm- my OLW for the year

Some days I need to get messy and this was one of them. I’m felling rather blaah at the moment after being turned down for one too many DTs. I know par for the course many get nos and I need to suck it up and move on. Which is why I needed to get messy today. We all have something that forces us to create because in the end no matter what there is self satisfaction, the perfect remedy.

I chose a One Little Word this year, which is Calm. I normally don’t but the ending of 2015 really brought to the forefront I either need to get some calm in my life or some good medication. So when I saw this digital kit by Little Butterfly Wings I knew I had to do something with it.


Being former digi I honestly see digital kits and I want nothing more than them to be paper. This was one of them so I knew I would have to get my larger format printer working again (I’ll post my fix another day) just so I can get this printed out. The colors, the theme, it was all so…. :exhale: wonderful



I started off backing my paper with some thicker card board so it wouldn’t warp so much. I do have to invest in some water color paper if my desire to keep getting messy comes to fruition. I than played with some masks and gesso just along the edges nothing extreme. I then added some masking tape for texture, beads, and flowers lots of flowers and just had a gesso field day. I had gesso all over my hands it was wonderful. From there it was water color fun! I don’t know why but when I do mixed media I always gravitate towards blue and then I get bothered because it seems so bold. But after I printed, hand cut my elements, and started to position them it didn’t see


From this angle you can make out some of the textures in my LO. I added some string under the definition card, just enough to soften it up a bit. I placed some of the digital elements throughout my layers I had worked in to the LO for texture. It did a nice job of breaking it all up and bringing it together I think.



These digital elements were easy enough to print and cut out by hand that I don’t think I needed to turn on my cameo. Sometimes that turns into more hassle then I want. It gave enough time for my water colors to dry and I had fund with my scissors.

I really love the end result and this will be hung up in my craft room. As a reminder of not only my OLW for the year but also even if there are all nay sayers when it comes to my LOs I have to create what makes me happy and that’s most important.



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