Meeting Handy Manny

We went to Disney Land almost three years ago and I’m finally getting around to scrapping some pictures. Its been in my queue for a long time as are many other things. Having purchased some of the Say Cheese line from Simple Scrappers helped make scrapping Disney a whole lot easier. I like this line because I can also scrap some of our movie pics as well.

I decided to scrap my  youngest two and their meeting Handy Manny. My youngest wasn’t all that keen on meeting him him at first but warmed up to the idea. I was going to go for a multi photo LO but it just didn’t work out and sometimes things tend to go their own way while scrapping.


I turned on my cameo for part of the title which I think it needed. I also felt I needed a little something on the back ground. So I used a star stencil and gesso with some glitter on top. I think its a nice touch that brings in more of the magic of the moment.


I added stars on several parts of the background to make it all seem more balanced to my eye. A few stickers and a bit of thread was all that was needed to complete this LO to where I was happy. I have several more photos to go about Disney my queue is big  as I’m sure yours is too 🙂




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