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Having been a digi girl I do love to play with digital templates. It really can get me to scrap what I normally wouldn’t, scrap quickly, and get my out of a scrapping rut. When I saw Cheryl’s (Fiddle Dee Dee Designs ) Build a background template I knew I had to play with them. Hey I have a cameo and it needs a work out and with this LO it certainly did.


Being as I was going to be using paper I had to adjust the template a bit for cutting. It was quite simple in CS making the bkg join so that I could cut it out as one piece. I don’t have a level eye so trying to put each strip with equal spacing would have been a huge task for me.

I was also so indecisive trying to figure out what colors to use that flowed together. I started bright and colorful with a white solid bkg but that did not work out at all. But when I finally decided on a color start than it got a whole lot easier after that.


And this finished LO really makes me happy. I did start off with working up like the template. But I’m not an overly flower girl, especially when making paper LOs so I headed down with a cork map I had from a studio calico kit (it was over the summer of 2015). Let me tell you figuring out some of those maps wasn’t easy . Turned the right way this piece looks like a cow.

I then decided on the title based on the word strip, I love when it all flows together. Again I gave my cameo a work out and cut the title on blue paper in this SC kit that I knew I would never use and it all came together.


A few black stars and gold hearts were some little touches I decided on. With this bkg I don’t think I needed too much in the way of elements. So if you haven’t given digi templates a try for your paper pages you really should.



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