Going Simple

So I decided last night after my very layered LO I did last, to go simple. I have a difficult time with real simple. There are ladies that do it so well and I ohhhh and ahhhh. But when I do it I’m left thinking I should add more, this time is no different. We all have those LOs when we are done that don’t make it into our favorites category. But that is part of the growing process as a scrapbooker.


I picked up these circle nesting dies at Michalels (with a coupon) and decided to give them a go. I used some scraps from the Wonder collection and just sort of went for it. I used whatever circles I could find in the cardboard element sheet, which wasn’t much, and just went with a simple page. I added some words with the inky black color theory alphas because a title just wasn’t working for me.


And this is the end result. I’m so so about it but I think it will grow on me because I love this picture. My next LO will have loads of layers I’m sure can’t switch all together 🙂


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