Back to scrapping

It has been a while! I really don’t like being out of my craft room for too long, this is my happy. But I am currently undertaking painting half of my house. Well hey if you are going to do it I say! It is going to look awesome once completed but doing it by myself means it will take a while especially when I take a detour to my craft room. But I’m sure my fellow scrappers can relate, dishes waiting, laundry needing a second rinse, kids ordering pizza, we all do it.

So I decided to get a bit messy this time around, kind of get it all out of my system so I can go back to painting. And let me tell you it didn’t work out as planned. I started off with a white background and really bright colors so I trashed it. Hey that  happens right? we are in our creative grove and think this is going to be a masterpiece until we notice we hate it. But I decided to stick with it go for a darker background and get back in there.


I knew I wanted to use the Ceder Lane line again so I wanted a more darker background and dug in my stash. This is Victorian from Crate Papers Random Collection. I also have a load of 6×6 neutral scraps that I cut and layered and used gesso over the area. I than added some distress inks and than continued on with a mask.


This was definately the fun part of this. I like to play with mixed media at times but I realize I need to do it some more to really get a mastery of it. I’m in love with the look of many of the LOs using mixed media and I like the depth of such LOs it is a nice change to just go for it.


This was the end result of my craft room time. I have bits from both Ceder Lane and Wonder collections. These two go together very well so I twas nice to get into my stash and combine them. I picked up some leaves in Michaels the other day which went very well with a fall theme. Then I dug into the my photo stash and got an oldie out of my 4th child climbing in a tree.


I do love layers, as if that wasn’t obvious. I love the depth and how it all pops off the page. I do like clean pages as well simple, flat, not so much going on but not today 🙂 This was fun and I’m so looking forward to the next time I can sneak off and create I hope you get some time to do it for yourself today.


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