I like Big Alphas and I can not lie…

Now you may have the song stuck in your head, you’re welcome, but I do love a big alpha. Now that doesn’t mean I find them easy to use, it can be a challenge and a tad bit overwhelming because it is a big alpha after all and they can take up to 1/4 of your page easy. So the trick as I keep seeing in galleries is simple is best. Yes we have to combat the beast who wants us to add more in those empty spaces, sort of like our craft rooms, but if you can beat it down you too can come up with a simple yet stunning page. Hey the galleries prove me right. So I got started and kept KISS  (keep it simple silly) in my head as I worked.


First I chose my picture this time around. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I did want to use the wood element. It is the first time I used the bag from an old SC kit but with my picture it was going to be perfect. I wanted simple so I knew these big alphas were going to do the trick. I love these alphas and I don’t always love much from SC a piece here a piece there which is why I no longer sub. But the wood piece and this alpha and this LO sort of made itself. I did try the word “wild” in white, it did not work folks, not at all. It just seemed to get lost in the background instead of making any sort of pop on its own. And not a good idea for a title, so black was the obvious choice after adding the black word element above.


The world “wild” I made and cut with my silhouette yes I dusted it off and put it to use. I honestly, like so many other people, really need to use the machine more. It is capable of far more than what I put time into making it do. But that’s the key word time and even though I have a digi scrapping background doesn’t mean I’m a whiz so simple word art is enough at this point.


the small little cluster was all that was needed with such a big alpha, remember less is more. I brought in some small touches of gold, the date tab and stars that were just enough of a touch to get this all pulled together. Remember KISS and you can whip up a LO in no time. Ok maybe not maybe you’re a slow scrapper like me and that’s ok to. As long as your end result is pleasing to you that’s all that matters.


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