Dress Maker

Feeling the need to use my silhouette a bit more I took a look at Wendy’s cut files, she always has something to inspire me. It was there I spotted this dress and I needed to make this cute little thing because it brought up memories of my mothers, who was our resident dress maker.

click HERE or on image to product

My mother used to sew everything she actually made her own wedding dress. I know she was those types and we do really miss having her here to make things. I have a long list of things to sew and I’m hoping to one day try to complete them but I know they will never come close to the awesomeness of what my mother would have done. But in the mean time I can scrap all about her and even sew on my pages.


I dug into an old box of photos and of course spent half the day laughing at the memories before I finally decided on a picture which showed up one of my mothers creations. Having had daughters she was the resident dress maker for my girls who wanted nothing more than to wear a dress. My oldest here setting the standard and having had the most time with her Oma had the most dresses. We still have this dress in the picture which will be saved for her daughter one day.

Now this cut file did exactly what I had in mind that it should do, be a major point of my LO. All I had in my mind is that the picture would be to the right, the dress to the left I love when a plan works out. But there was a huge moment of brain farts before I decided on final colors, and layering and what products to use. Again I’m surrounded by kits and product and I’m trying 15 things before I settle on yes use this no this doesn’t work. The process of getting to the end is a really cyclone in my room. But that is part of the process šŸ™‚

I did dig back in to my bag of Crate Paper and the Oh Darling line. I love this line, I love Crate Paper like major crush over here they put it out I’m buying it. But the colors worked and those little triangle stickers sold me on the pieces I did use. The paper is Heidi Swapp I believe and the alpha was something that I found in a pile. Like most crafters I don’t keep an ongoing list of product I use I just grab what I like and go with it.


I knew I had to add some sewing like elements on this page. So I started off with some actual sewing on my page. I just went aroudn the edges with two different stitches to create a bit of something. I then latter went back and stitched over the triangle stickers and some of the strips under the dress (you can see the picture below) I spotted this measuring tape washi on accident which fit in really well and I needed some thread and those two pins are what I usually use to pin my head scarfs but hey added them.


And that dress cut file which started it all. Love and love because its prefect! I sized it in my silhouette and cut it out than creased it and added some ink on the edges. I used a small piece as a dress band because I liked the look and I must say I think its awesome! Now this file doesn’t need a cutting machine you can simple use the files included to cut this shape by hand. Wendy includes easy directions and several formats for you to get this done by several means. So don’t let not having a machine stop you from giving it a try.

One may wonder why no written record of my mothers dress making on this page. Well because I loathe my hand writing, it is something I am working on but until I get where I want it to be I can’t bring myself to ruin pages with it. I know give me a lecture about memory keeping and its part of the process blah blah blah. I can tell you it all. But my scrapping is for ME I don’t hide the fact that I’m absolutely selfish in my reasons for scrapping. I don’t see myself as the family historian or the record keeper or anything of the like. I scrap because I love the creative outlet for me. I do it for me so only I have to like it and my inner critic is harsh when it comes to my written words. I have a plan though to include the story. I will type it out and attach it to the back of this LO. This way my story is there but my creative critic is pleased.


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