Small hoard and a scraplift

I freely admit I have a hoard, or several, in my craft room. I totally indulge when I spot something that strikes my creative fancy. It also didn’t help that I took part in a couple of kit clubs for far too long and much of that, unused or left overs, have piled up.


Yes this is some of my various left overs of kits. I have broken down some (not seen here) and coordinated by color but I don’t know how well that is really working for me. I do grab those boxes sometimes but probably not enough. I have stopped subbing though (before the summer) so that really helps. Not that I don’t purchases new lines its just I don’t have a box coming to my door step every month.

So in the attempt to get to my stash I grabbed a couple of kits and sat at my desk. I opened a random file on my computer and chose a picture than felt completely lost. So in order to help my process today I decided to scraplift. I chose Marivi’s gallery at SC do take a look she’s awesome. Here gallery is a lot of white and very simple something I’m not so good at. I want to add, layers, splatters, dots, things..just things because I should be using right. Well not always so I chose this LO

Isn’t that simple and pretty and soft. And pretty handwriting which I don’t have but lets not talk about that. This is my final page from this lift, with my ugly handwriting.


Fum! I love it its simple again not something I’m always so good out and I so love the yellow frame and the black word art. I love this pic of my youngest daughter taking a leap off of a boulder. Shes such a great girl who isn’t afraid of taking a chance I hope she never looses that.


A small touch of gold because we all require some gold in our lives, was a perfect touch I think. So this was simple, quick and dug in my stash. So if you feel in a slump or don’t know what you want to do as you too binge watch netflix (Heroes for me) don’t forget the best form of flattery is to scraplift. Just don’t forget to credit.


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