Kitty in a box

Where else would a cat be but in a box, a Pete the Cat box to be exact. The wonder line was a perfect choice to scrap my kitty in the box. And her name is Kitty btw and yes that is an awesome name thank you. But on to my page.


I so needed to use this bkg paper because it was perfect for my picture. Kitty in a box in a box looking type paper get it. I know clever I am. From there it was sort of a disaster getting this LO going so I had to take a break when I was surrounded by strips of paper. A cup of tea and slice of cake helped my process along 🙂 Hey cake solves all problems. I had parts of my picture grouped with a few items and than figured out my angled strips worked better vertically versus diagonally. And than it all came along


Have I mentioned my love of clusters. It is so cool coming from years of digi and trying to get shadowing just perfect to give the effect of depth to actually having depth on my pages. I don’t like to over layer, as it is possible but just enough to show dimension and not having it come out so flat. I do use mounting tape by 3M to get various levels of depth on my pages. Some are adhered flat with no mounting tape but others have mounting tape even two layers of mounting tape depending on the look I’m going for. And to help my title along the gold alphas also have 3M tape on the back as it tends to be more pleasing to my eye if it is of the same height.


I did do some sewing on this page not much because I’m not all that proficient with a sewing machine yet. I have sewed a finger in the past so baby steps when it comes to stitching. I sewed these stitches before I adhered the on my page which I found much easier to ensure they stayed where I wanted them and how I wanted them to be. I usually sew my paper after I adhere it to the page but I actually like this technique and will remember to do it again.


And of course Henry here couldn’t let me take pictures of my LO without helping. Hes my scrapping pain in the arse. I spend half my time tossing him off my table. And hes a plastic chewer! Anyone with a cat who likes plastic can relate to my frustration with that!! I mean dude what is so great about plastic?

*Note I did use Crate Papers Journey line as well as Jellibean soup alphabeans


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