#3 and 4

Why yes, yes I do call my kids by numbers. Look I have had five shoot out of my womb I believe I have earned that right. Plus its far easier than trying to remember their names. For #3 and 4 I so loved this picture it screamed them! Even if it was taken 3 years ago (time does fly unless your on a plane) it could have been taken yesterday. #3 is still so over #4 and her craziness it is constant bicker station here. And #4 certainly does love to drive #3 crazy even now on an every single moment basis. But minus my constant headaches it did make for a great LO right! I even impressed myself.


I didn’t start out with how this ended up in mind but sometimes LOs just get going based on something small. It was the bottom corner that started it. It needed to be cut off from the paper under my photo from there I tried different different corners on the paper but the bottom one seemed to work best. And than the rest came along from there.


I really don’t like my own handwriting, yes I know part of the process, the memory keeping and so on. Yes I have told it all and can tell you it all. But at the end of the day I look at my handwriting and detest it. So When I can I like to add journaling by printing it out. Cutting the journaling into strips and working the angle it really helped to balance the page. Than I moved on to layers..oh how I love layers.


I started off with the amperstamp die cut and started layering a few hearts and such. I didn’t need much and with the journaling being a bit whiny about my girls I added hearts to show my undying love šŸ™‚ The title grew from the amperstamp and I just love love love these gold alphas. I must get more! And there was a wood piece from one of the studio calico kits. If you haven’t already go and get Crate Papers Wonder collection its such a sweet collection with a bit of whimsy.


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