An :untitled: link back

I recently made a purchase with Paper Issues they are pretty close to me (wonder if they every have a warehouse sale) so the shipping was fast and it was all wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon. Just such a nice added touch for a store and I’ll be ordering again as coupons are really easy to come by for them. After making a purchase and checking out their facebook page I saw a link back challenge and decided to play along. I haven’t played along in a challenge since two peas and I do miss that so this was fun. If you want to play along to check out the How About Them Apples challenge (click the link).

The challenge was fall themed, leaves or apples which I have no shortage of recently. I dug into an old Cocoa Daisy kit probably back from like 2012 (yea I know) and added bits from Pink Paislee’s Cedar Lane, which I purchased from Paper Issues. I ended up with a LO that makes me smile


My youngest son had a school trip to pick apples recently and while it was far from fall weather he insisted on a picture on the pumpkins. Oh this boy makes me smile and so does this page. I had so much going on I decided to not put a title on it. Sometimes a page doesn’t need it don’t you agree?


So for some of the things I did. I made several leaves with two dies. One is the Momenta leaf die and embossing as well as Tim Holtz tattered leaves. The challenge was leaves I made leaves πŸ™‚ I also added some Maya Road metal leaves, cork leaves from Elle’s Studio and a random dear I had in my old Cocoa Daisy kit. When I was about done with my page I added some fake stitching because I think it worked well and again left it with no title.


I couldn’t not use this cute little puffy fox from the Cedar Lane line. So I added another cluster here to bring some balance to the page and it was just so much fun to create. So go join over on the challenge as well and have fun creating.

Dress Maker

Feeling the need to use my silhouette a bit more I took a look at Wendy’s cut files, she always has something to inspire me. It was there I spotted this dress and I needed to make this cute little thing because it brought up memories of my mothers, who was our resident dress maker.

click HERE or on image to product

My mother used to sew everything she actually made her own wedding dress. I know she was those types and we do really miss having her here to make things. I have a long list of things to sew and I’m hoping to one day try to complete them but I know they will never come close to the awesomeness of what my mother would have done. But in the mean time I can scrap all about her and even sew on my pages.


I dug into an old box of photos and of course spent half the day laughing at the memories before I finally decided on a picture which showed up one of my mothers creations. Having had daughters she was the resident dress maker for my girls who wanted nothing more than to wear a dress. My oldest here setting the standard and having had the most time with her Oma had the most dresses. We still have this dress in the picture which will be saved for her daughter one day.

Now this cut file did exactly what I had in mind that it should do, be a major point of my LO. All I had in my mind is that the picture would be to the right, the dress to the left I love when a plan works out. But there was a huge moment of brain farts before I decided on final colors, and layering and what products to use. Again I’m surrounded by kits and product and I’m trying 15 things before I settle on yes use this no this doesn’t work. The process of getting to the end is a really cyclone in my room. But that is part of the process πŸ™‚

I did dig back in to my bag of Crate Paper and the Oh Darling line. I love this line, I love Crate Paper like major crush over here they put it out I’m buying it. But the colors worked and those little triangle stickers sold me on the pieces I did use. The paper is Heidi Swapp I believe and the alpha was something that I found in a pile. Like most crafters I don’t keep an ongoing list of product I use I just grab what I like and go with it.


I knew I had to add some sewing like elements on this page. So I started off with some actual sewing on my page. I just went aroudn the edges with two different stitches to create a bit of something. I then latter went back and stitched over the triangle stickers and some of the strips under the dress (you can see the picture below) I spotted this measuring tape washi on accident which fit in really well and I needed some thread and those two pins are what I usually use to pin my head scarfs but hey added them.


And that dress cut file which started it all. Love and love because its prefect! I sized it in my silhouette and cut it out than creased it and added some ink on the edges. I used a small piece as a dress band because I liked the look and I must say I think its awesome! Now this file doesn’t need a cutting machine you can simple use the files included to cut this shape by hand. Wendy includes easy directions and several formats for you to get this done by several means. So don’t let not having a machine stop you from giving it a try.

One may wonder why no written record of my mothers dress making on this page. Well because I loathe my hand writing, it is something I am working on but until I get where I want it to be I can’t bring myself to ruin pages with it. I know give me a lecture about memory keeping and its part of the process blah blah blah. I can tell you it all. But my scrapping is for ME I don’t hide the fact that I’m absolutely selfish in my reasons for scrapping. I don’t see myself as the family historian or the record keeper or anything of the like. I scrap because I love the creative outlet for me. I do it for me so only I have to like it and my inner critic is harsh when it comes to my written words. I have a plan though to include the story. I will type it out and attach it to the back of this LO. This way my story is there but my creative critic is pleased.

I like Big Alphas and I can not lie…

Now you may have the song stuck in your head, you’re welcome, but I do love a big alpha. Now that doesn’t mean I find them easy to use, it can be a challenge and a tad bit overwhelming because it is a big alpha after all and they can take up to 1/4 of your page easy. So the trick as I keep seeing in galleries is simple is best. Yes we have to combat the beast who wants us to add more in those empty spaces, sort of like our craft rooms, but if you can beat it down you too can come up with a simple yet stunning page. Hey the galleries prove me right. So I got started and kept KISSΒ  (keep it simple silly) in my head as I worked.


First I chose my picture this time around. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I did want to use the wood element. It is the first time I used the bag from an old SC kit but with my picture it was going to be perfect. I wanted simple so I knew these big alphas were going to do the trick. I love these alphas and I don’t always love much from SC a piece here a piece there which is why I no longer sub. But the wood piece and this alpha and this LO sort of made itself. I did try the word “wild” in white, it did not work folks, not at all. It just seemed to get lost in the background instead of making any sort of pop on its own. And not a good idea for a title, so black was the obvious choice after adding the black word element above.


The world “wild” I made and cut with my silhouette yes I dusted it off and put it to use. I honestly, like so many other people, really need to use the machine more. It is capable of far more than what I put time into making it do. But that’s the key word time and even though I have a digi scrapping background doesn’t mean I’m a whiz so simple word art is enough at this point.


the small little cluster was all that was needed with such a big alpha, remember less is more. I brought in some small touches of gold, the date tab and stars that were just enough of a touch to get this all pulled together. Remember KISS and you can whip up a LO in no time. Ok maybe not maybe you’re a slow scrapper like me and that’s ok to. As long as your end result is pleasing to you that’s all that matters.

Small hoard and a scraplift

I freely admit I have a hoard, or several, in my craft room. I totally indulge when I spot something that strikes my creative fancy. It also didn’t help that I took part in a couple of kit clubs for far too long and much of that, unused or left overs, have piled up.


Yes this is some of my various left overs of kits. I have broken down some (not seen here) and coordinated by color but I don’t know how well that is really working for me. I do grab those boxes sometimes but probably not enough. I have stopped subbing though (before the summer) so that really helps. Not that I don’t purchases new lines its just I don’t have a box coming to my door step every month.

So in the attempt to get to my stash I grabbed a couple of kits and sat at my desk. I opened a random file on my computer and chose a picture than felt completely lost. So in order to help my process today I decided to scraplift. I chose Marivi’s gallery at SC do take a look she’s awesome. Here gallery is a lot of white and very simple something I’m not so good at. I want to add, layers, splatters, dots, things..just things because I should be using right. Well not always so I chose this LO

Isn’t that simple and pretty and soft. And pretty handwriting which I don’t have but lets not talk about that. This is my final page from this lift, with my ugly handwriting.


Fum! I love it its simple again not something I’m always so good out and I so love the yellow frame and the black word art. I love this pic of my youngest daughter taking a leap off of a boulder. Shes such a great girl who isn’t afraid of taking a chance I hope she never looses that.


A small touch of gold because we all require some gold in our lives, was a perfect touch I think. So this was simple, quick and dug in my stash. So if you feel in a slump or don’t know what you want to do as you too binge watch netflix (Heroes for me) don’t forget the best form of flattery is to scraplift. Just don’t forget to credit.

Kitty in a box

Where else would a cat be but in a box, a Pete the Cat box to be exact. The wonder line was a perfect choice to scrap my kitty in the box. And her name is Kitty btw and yes that is an awesome name thank you. But on to my page.


I so needed to use this bkg paper because it was perfect for my picture. Kitty in a box in a box looking type paper get it. I know clever I am. From there it was sort of a disaster getting this LO going so I had to take a break when I was surrounded by strips of paper. A cup of tea and slice of cake helped my process along πŸ™‚ Hey cake solves all problems. I had parts of my picture grouped with a few items and than figured out my angled strips worked better vertically versus diagonally. And than it all came along


Have I mentioned my love of clusters. It is so cool coming from years of digi and trying to get shadowing just perfect to give the effect of depth to actually having depth on my pages. I don’t like to over layer, as it is possible but just enough to show dimension and not having it come out so flat. I do use mounting tape by 3M to get various levels of depth on my pages. Some are adhered flat with no mounting tape but others have mounting tape even two layers of mounting tape depending on the look I’m going for. And to help my title along the gold alphas also have 3M tape on the back as it tends to be more pleasing to my eye if it is of the same height.


I did do some sewing on this page not much because I’m not all that proficient with a sewing machine yet. I have sewed a finger in the past so baby steps when it comes to stitching. I sewed these stitches before I adhered the on my page which I found much easier to ensure they stayed where I wanted them and how I wanted them to be. I usually sew my paper after I adhere it to the page but I actually like this technique and will remember to do it again.


And of course Henry here couldn’t let me take pictures of my LO without helping. Hes my scrapping pain in the arse. I spend half my time tossing him off my table. And hes a plastic chewer! Anyone with a cat who likes plastic can relate to my frustration with that!! I mean dude what is so great about plastic?

*Note I did use Crate Papers Journey line as well as Jellibean soup alphabeans

#3 and 4

Why yes, yes I do call my kids by numbers. Look I have had five shoot out of my womb I believe I have earned that right. Plus its far easier than trying to remember their names. For #3 and 4 I so loved this picture it screamed them! Even if it was taken 3 years ago (time does fly unless your on a plane) it could have been taken yesterday. #3 is still so over #4 and her craziness it is constant bicker station here. And #4 certainly does love to drive #3 crazy even now on an every single moment basis. But minus my constant headaches it did make for a great LO right! I even impressed myself.


I didn’t start out with how this ended up in mind but sometimes LOs just get going based on something small. It was the bottom corner that started it. It needed to be cut off from the paper under my photo from there I tried different different corners on the paper but the bottom one seemed to work best. And than the rest came along from there.


I really don’t like my own handwriting, yes I know part of the process, the memory keeping and so on. Yes I have told it all and can tell you it all. But at the end of the day I look at my handwriting and detest it. So When I can I like to add journaling by printing it out. Cutting the journaling into strips and working the angle it really helped to balance the page. Than I moved on to layers..oh how I love layers.


I started off with the amperstamp die cut and started layering a few hearts and such. I didn’t need much and with the journaling being a bit whiny about my girls I added hearts to show my undying love πŸ™‚ The title grew from the amperstamp and I just love love love these gold alphas. I must get more! And there was a wood piece from one of the studio calico kits. If you haven’t already go and get Crate Papers Wonder collection its such a sweet collection with a bit of whimsy.