Meow Meow

I saw these cute PL cards as a Studio Calico add on one month and knew I had to get them. Obviously my cats need to be scrapped and these cards were on high priority to have. I wanted to use this larger 6×4 card but it was giving me major grief to work in the LO. I ended up cutting it down to a size I was happy with in comparison to my picture I had decided to use.

To be honest I ended up scrapping the original LO and walking away in utter frustration. I think I tossed card stock and a paper I so wanted to use as the back ground from my main kit. I was saying some not so nice things to that paper. It was a knock down fight and I declared winner status as I angrily put it in the trash can. Lets be honest we all do this. Not all LOs go as planned. So we release a bit of aggression dig into our choice gutter words and shut down for the day/night and walk away. Its needed sometimes right? Exactly.. and all of that led me to an end product I am so so happy with.


Now somethings I see in kits that I think “what the hell am I going to do with that” and the little tassels that came in a studio calico kit was one of them. But I think it was just such a cute little addition to this LO. I pinned it on with this little heart pin I’ve had in my stash since forever. And having to route through my stash was a big reason why I cancelled my Studio Calico sub. Besides the fact I looked around my craft room and thought I was drowning in “stuff”, I felt like as much money as I spend on their kits and add ons I shouldn’t be routing through old supplies to finish off a page.


Also out of my stash was that “life” clip, the number brad, and sequence. I do love these sequence and I would love to get my hands on some more. It was a bag, from I believe Studio Calico, with the pink circles and gold stars. My bag is about depleted but I’m on the hunt.


In my early digital scrapbook days I took classes which taught about balance and the natural eye. While I do think it has helped it has also hindered me in many ways as to what I assume looks good. But I have found the notion of balance on a page is very true. So when I add little sequence or brads in a corner I usually have to balance it out in the opposite corner. It may just be a mental thing for me but I think it does make a difference in the LO. So in this corner I added another brad and a couple of sequence not a lot I didn’t want to be a main thing on my page.

Another thing I enjoy doing is using the many washis I have in my stash to add layers to my pages. I have no shortage of washi, do any of us? It will come in handy with my present freeze:)


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